Elder Care in Dallas, TX: Prevent Memory Loss

Elder Care in Dallas, TX:  Easy ways to Help Prevent Memory Loss There is a large amount of study and research in the area of Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Can we make gains in the prevention with good exercise, better diet and brain activities? Some of the factors that can put individuals in are […]

Adjusting to Alzheimer’s in your Family

It can be difficult to learn that a loved one has Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is a disease that has no cure; however there are excellent treatments to slow the progression of the disease, in many patients.  There is also is good reason for hope. New drugs are being developed to, hopefully, provide a cure in the […]

Time For Alzheimer’s Care?

Checklist: When is it time for Alzheimer’s Care? As so many have experienced, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.  Symptoms vary with some people experiencing signs in their 40’s, however worsen unpredictably and gradually over time.  My mother started having signs of Alzheimer’s in her 60’s, and due to the slow progression, she was able to […]