zack3Affordable Home Care Solutions

Approved In Home Care provides a variety of affordable home care solutions for seniors in their home. Our experienced caregivers offer quality care for your loved ones so that they can maintain their independence and still live at home. Our affordable, customized home care solutions include:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Is your loved one suffering from dementia or Alzhiemer’s safe while they are alone? Are you feeling stressed and need time for yourself as the primary caregiver? Our caregivers are compassionate and loving we have worked to understand the special needs of seniors with dementia Alzheimer’s. Learn More

Family Members

We help seniors feel more safe, secure, and comfortable by guiding them in choosing an experienced in-home caregiver.  Sometimes seniors move into the child’s home for additional care.  We provide hourly services to give the daughter or son a much needed break, while taking care of Mom. Learn More

Senior Individuals

Our affordable senior home care services allow you to remain at home, where you are comfortable and live the way you choose – independently, securely, and safely.  Seniors prefer to stay at home, and experience a set back if they have to move.  Transitions are difficult for seniors. Learn More


We provide residents of assisted living facilities with the extra support they need to stay independent and avoid a more costly level of care. Many times, people are disappointed with the level of care assisted living facilities offer, and find their parent needs additional care. Learn More

Professional Service Providers

We can assist you and your clients with questions related to private duty home care, long term care insurance, and more. Learn More

Medical Service Providers

Approved In Home Care provides affordable and dignified, non-medical home care assistance for your senior patients who want to remain independent.  Many Doctors have referred our services to their patients who need additional care. Learn More


We provide a responsive, caring and accountable service your wards deserve and you want. Learn More

Insurance Companies

Give Approved In Home Care a call today to understand the benefits of your LTC policy coverage. Learn More