Elder Care in Dallas, TX: The Realities of Aging

                  Elder Care in Dallas, TX: The Realities of Aging One certain fact that is inevitable, we are all growing older. Some of us will try to grow younger by the application of anti-aging foams and soothing oils or pills that are reported to reverse or slow […]

Caring for Seniors with Parkinson’s

Caring for Seniors with Parkinson’s As a neurological disease, Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects movement, balance, and muscle control.   Parkinson’s is progressive with symptoms becoming more advanced over time.  Parkinson’s is diagnosed more frequent in men than in women and is more typically diagnosed in 55 to 75 year olds.  Due to this, Parkinson’s patients need […]

Time For Alzheimer’s Care?

Checklist: When is it time for Alzheimer’s Care? As so many have experienced, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.  Symptoms vary with some people experiencing signs in their 40’s, however worsen unpredictably and gradually over time.  My mother started having signs of Alzheimer’s in her 60’s, and due to the slow progression, she was able to […]

Helpful Tips to Control Incontinence

How to Control Incontinence With the advice and guidance of your Doctor, it is common that incontinence can be treated and possibly cured. With new advances, there are more treatment options today for urinary incontinence than in the past. Treatment choice depends on the type of bladder control problem, the seriousness, and the best fit […]

Caring for Elderly Parents Checklist

Checklist – Caring for Elderly Parents This guide and checklist will help families caring for elderly loved ones. We have included important to-do items that will help in dealing with the issues seniors and their families face.  This article covers: Determining needs, Receive Permission, Handy information to access, Knowledge of senior concerns, and Taking a break and Caring […]

Caregiving, Seniors with Cancer

The incidence rate of cancer rises so dramatically with age, the World Health Organization lists ageing as a fundamental factor in the development of cancer as over 75% of all cancer diagnoses in the US come from people aged 55 and older.  So how can you prepare for caring for seniors with cancer diagnosis at […]

Making the Transition from Hospital to Home

There’s a lot to do after bringing someone home from the hospital. The obvious goal is continued recovery. But roughly 20% of older adults are rehospitalized within 30 days because of problems that develop at home. Research shows there are three things you can do to prevent a backslide. It’s important to get going on […]

Scams Targeting Seniors

Seniors are often prime targets for scam artists because sometimes older adults might not realize they have been scammed, or they don’t speak up because they are ashamed or worried that it might be a sign of mental incompetence. To help protect yourself and your loved one, get familiar with these typical scams: 1. Health […]